Countries of the World Challenge

The last couple of years have been somewhat busy, so much so that this blog has taken a bit of a back seat, as has recipe testing, experimenting with different cooking techniques and trying new dishes!  Now our wedding is three months in the past and our Victorian terrace is “getting there” in terms of refurbishment, my husband and I decided it was about time we got back in the kitchen and spent some quality time cooking each other delicious meals!  In order to make things a bit more interesting, we decided to set each other a challenge…..

Countries of the World Challenge

Over the next year (or however long it takes us!) Neil and I will cook popular dishes from across the globe, working our way through the alphabet country by country.  There are no strict rules and we intend on repeating some letters as there are just way too many interesting countries with delicious cuisines that we want to experiment with!

This page will be updated each time we take on a new country so be sure to check back for plenty of delicious and unusual recipes.

Azerbaijan – Lamb Plov